When Tragedy Strikes

Jul. 24th, 2017 01:29 am
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Kazuichi and Gundam share lovey dovey non-sexy times, but then tragedy strikes upon our heroes! What ever will they do?!

Words: 1318, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

Reveals!!! on Ice

Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:15 pm
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At last, the collection is revealed! Click here to enjoy all the new rare ship goodness.

You should have received an email linking to your gift or gifts. You can also check your gifts page here: archiveofourown.org/users/[YOUR USERNAME]/gifts

On the collection works page, you can use the sort/filter bar to find stuff you're interested in, but I'd also recommend just scrolling through all four pages and seeing what catches your eye! There's some really great stuff for a wide variety of ships, and you might find something you never even knew you needed.

Some reminders:
  • Remember to re-date your work so it shows up in the right spot in the fandom tags! See this post for details.
  • Commenting on your gift(s) is nice exchange etiquette, and is required for RSOI. See the rules post for details.
  • If you'll be away from the internet for a significant amount of time post-reveals, you can optionally drop a note about it at the I'll Be Away post.
  • If there's something wrong with your gift (meaning, it violates a DNW; doesn't meet the exchange minimum; or doesn't fit one of your requested ships or mediums) please email me ASAP at rareshipsonice@gmail.com.
Final note, I will be posting round-up link posts for each ship to the exchange tumblr over the course of the anon period -- so, one post linking all the SaraMila works, one post linking all the ChrisVic works, etc -- for a bit of extra signal boosting and easy browsing :)

New Mods and 2017 Schedule

Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:50 pm
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Hello, everyone! [personal profile] shopfront and I are joining [personal profile] samuraiteras co-mods for [community profile] femslashex, and we’re both very excited for this year’s round. The rules and schedule will be going up shortly, but here’s a shortlist of changes from previous rounds:

  • Schedule: The exchange will be running a few weeks earlier this year, with nominations starting July 26

  • Visible Requests: Requests will be visible during sign-ups. This will allow participants to check they are matchable if they want to request and offer only smaller fandoms, and also allow treaters to start writing sooner.

  • Default Penalty: There is a partial new mod amnesty for defaulters. Participants who defaulted after the deadline, defaulted after an extension, or submitted a placeholder in 2016 will continue to have to sit out this round before signing up again. Participants who have defaulted multiple years in a row will have to complete a treat from a previous year’s requests before signing up for this year’s round, or sit out a round, counting from 2016 onwards. That means that if you defaulted last year and it was a second default for you you can still participate this year. Anyone who defaulted last year and also defaults this year will need to complete a treat or sit out a year.

  • Exchange 101 and Tumblr: In last year’s wrap-up post, several people requested an “Exchange 101” post for people new to AO3 exchanges; that will be up within the week. More of a Tumblr presence was also suggested, and we’ll be more active on Tumblr this round. If you have any suggestions for tags to post to or communities to signal-boost Tumblr announcements, please let us know!

  • There was also some interest in adding vids as a medium this round, but as neither I nor [personal profile] shopfront have any vid exchange experience we are currently focusing on getting up to speed with how things currently run. . We’re both very excited to expand the mediums allowed in the exchange and hope to include vids from next year.

    An updated rules post will be up soon. That post will have the schedule as well, but here is the 2017 schedule:
    26 July-10 August: Nomination Period
    13-23 August:: Signups open
    26 August: Assignments will be sent out by this date
    7 October: Fanworks due
    13 October: Archive goes live (or as soon as everyone has a gift)
    21 October: Creators revealed

Bonus Round 5: Clue

Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:03 pm
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Sometimes, all you need are a few little details to imagine something bigger. This round is inspired by a classic board game with a cast of colorful characters, but for SASO your only limits on "who", "where", and "with what" are what you can imagine (and the SASO fandom list, of course)!

This round closes on 5 August @ 7PM EDT. (Countdown Timer.)

Please read this whole post before commenting to ensure that your team gets the most points possible. (There are changes from last year!)

Read more... )

2017 Mod Team

Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:00 pm
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Hello, everybody. *straightens tie, pushes glasses up bridge of nose* It's 2017, and we're just about ready to get started on the fifth round of [community profile] femslashex. (Five years! Way to go!) But! There's been a key change, and it's to our staff. Our founder, [personal profile] muccamukk, has taken a bow, and godspeed to her, but she's not left anything to chance. I'm still here in my normal supporting (i.e. bumbling assistant) role, but we've got two all-new mods in the form of [personal profile] shopfront and [personal profile] withinadream, here to keep the femslash train on the rails, so feel free to say "Hello!" and "How ya do!" if that's your thing. We'll be posting our official introduction and time frame(s) here soon, but, for now, just know that we're on the job. :-)

And When Love Speaks...

Jul. 23rd, 2017 05:22 pm
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Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/Crazy_Fantasy/pseuds/Crazy_Fantasy">Crazy_Fantasy</a>


"And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy witht the harmony." (William Shakespeare, "Love's Labour's Lost")

Words: 6134, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

4 days left!

Jul. 23rd, 2017 03:06 pm
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Hey, guys! Signups close in a little under 4 days @ 11:55 PM PDT on Thursday, July 27. Here's a countdown.

As a reminder, if you choose more than 2 fandoms for a single request/offer, you can match on any combination of those fandoms. We strongly encourage you to spread out your prompts and other optional details across all those possible combinations. We've seen a few signups with holes in those areas.

We also wanted to remind everyone that you can choose only 2 fandoms per request/offer. So if you'd like to see Pacific Rim crossed with Alias OR Stranger Things, but you aren't interested in a crossover between Alias and Stranger Things, you should put Pacific Rim/Alias in one request and Pacific Rim/Stranger Things in another request.

All of that said, optional details are ultimately a courtesy to your artist or author. We strongly encourage the use of optional details/prompts, particularly in an exchange like this one, but we can't force you to use them. If you choose not to leave optional details for a particular crossover match, your artist or author will be free to create whatever they want, so long as they mind your DNWs.

Relevant links:
  • Signup form
  • Tagset
  • Requests Summary
  • Dear Crossovering Creator
  • FAQ
  • Tags:

    OTW Guest Post: UsedKarma

    Jul. 23rd, 2017 10:09 am
    otw_staff: Sarah Loch OTW Communications Staffer (Sarah Loch OTW Communications Staffer)
    [personal profile] otw_staff posting in [community profile] otw_news
    Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

    Fan artist/writer Usedkarma tells us about her fandom history, the Darcyland network, & what sets it apart https://goo.gl/NUqCir

    40 Day Anime Meme - Day 11

    Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:15 am
    kalloway: (ToX Ivar)
    [personal profile] kalloway
    11 -- what is your favorite drama anime?

    This was a hard one, because most mecha anime qualifies as drama. While I don't know all the questions on this meme, I know there are a couple of mecha ones coming up. A lot of what I thought of that is very dramatic is also more romance or mecha or action or... whatever. So a straight-up 'first thought for this is drama' was really hard.

    So here are two:

    Planetes, which is a wonderful story about space-debris collectors. Both it and the manga made me cry so many times.

    Starship Operators, about a warship of trainees basically financing their battles by being broadcast 24/7. As soon as anyone gets a name and any sort of subplot, expect them to die.

    Both shows play space incredibly straight and while Planetes is the harder sci-fi, Starship Operators is the more brutal.

    They are both very, very good.

    40-anime meme: Day 11

    Jul. 23rd, 2017 06:44 am
    taichara: (Soldier Blue)
    [personal profile] taichara
    11 -- what is your favorite drama anime?

    These categories, honestly ... *sighs* *lol* How are we defining "drama" here, anyway? Does it even matter?

    I'm deciding it doesn't matter, regardless, and my choice for this one is:

    Terra e.

    Because frankly if that's not some classic storytelling wrapped up in a dramatical package I don't know what is. There's a reason this series is still a Thing in Japan -- and had the anime version in question aired in 2007 -- despite being as old as I am.

    I do prefer the manga on basically all counts, but that's fine, lol. It's weird to see Blue as long as he's seen, though ;3~
    [personal profile] lucathia posting in [community profile] whole_new_world
    Title: New Horizons -That Day Back Then-
    Author: [personal profile] lucathia
    Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
    Character/Pairing: Grisia, Neo, Scarlet
    Table-Prompt: Alternate Reality/Changing Canon-Altered Past
    Warnings: None

    That day back then, Grisia goes to search for his big sister. At a pivotal moment, Grisia makes up his mind. All it took was a nervous habit. Everything changes.
    [personal profile] fandomgiftboxmods posting in [community profile] fandomgiftbox
    Since it's come up a couple times, if you have a question for a recip, please let the mods know via either the mod support post or a PM. We'll figure out how to get in contact with them, and let you know your answer as soon as possible! It's much better than having a disappointed recip or gifter because of a misunderstanding or unasked question.

    (Caveat to the above: Since this is not run on Ao3, we do not have the ability to send participants emails. Answers will therefore depend on how often the person checks their Dreamwidth/Twitter/LJ/Tumblr/etc messages and responds to them.)

    (no subject)

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:55 pm
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    [personal profile] taichara
    ROBOTECH #1 Sells Out, Goes to Second Printing

    Apparently they were wiped out of copies at SDCC also.


    fic: the fighter

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:50 pm
    moetushie: (sports!!! rivals!!)
    [personal profile] moetushie posting in [community profile] yurionicefans
    Title: the fighter
    Author: [personal profile] moetushie
    Pairing(s): Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
    Rating: Mature
    Warning(s)/contains: Violence, injuries
    Word count: 628
    Summary: Otabek's always looked out for Yuri, no matter what, but he can't help but wish he'd make different choices. Otayuri, mafia/noir AU.
    Notes: Written for the Sports Anime Shipping Olympics, Bonus Round Four for the prompt: Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin, "It’s hell to love a fighter."

    Also my first time writing Otayuri, so... *plays with her hair*

    Read on AO3

    All Prompts + Beta Post

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 06:09 pm
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    [personal profile] press_start_mod posting in [community profile] press_start_comm
    All the requests in text-searchable form! If you want the .csv file of all requests to create a spreadsheet for the exchange of all requests, let me know!

    Here is our achievement list. Let's see how many we can knock off!

    Now, betas!

    One of the more invaluable services in any exchange is a beta! While it is not necessary to have one in order to participate, betas can help by casting an eye over your work and giving opinions, making suggestions, or cheering you on in the dark hours of "oh God this is due in two hours and I have scrapped everything I did before".

    If you are able to beta, please comment below with:

    Your AO3 name:
    Fandoms you can beta:
    Media you can beta (Fanart/Fanfic/Fanvid):
    Things you love to beta:
    Any restrictions/things you cannot beta:
    Your email address:

    Yuri on Ice stream coming!!!

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 04:31 pm
    kaoriva: (victuuri)
    [personal profile] kaoriva posting in [community profile] yurionicefans
    Hello everyone! I want to remind all of you that at 17:00 UTC -4 I will start the Yuri on Ice marathon on my rabb.it room! You all are free to join whenever you want! :)

    Room: @EinzbernCinema

    [personal profile] rsoi_mod posting in [community profile] rareshipsonice
    All assignments are in! Thank you, everyone. We're set for the collection to open on time -- that's Sunday, July 23, at 8 p.m. PDT (countdown).

    Once I reveal the collection, all works will be visible and anonymous. They will also show up in the main fandom and ship tags according to the date you posted the work. The YOI tag moves fast, which means it's likely people not following the exchange won't see it... luckily, there's a solution for that:

    Remember to re-date your work!
    1. After reveals, go to the work's "Edit Work" page
    2. Scroll down to the "Associations" section
    3. Click the checkbox for "Set a different publication date"
    4. Set it to the current date
    This will bump the work up to the top of the tags, so YOI fans outside the exchange are more likely to see it! You can do this either at work reveals on July 23, or creator reveals on July 30, or really at any point. (Only re-date once, though, as a general guideline.)

    If you reply to comments on your work, your replies will show up as "Anonymous Creator" Yes, even though it doesn't say so before you press submit. Those comments will automatically switch to your name after creator reveals on July 30 :)

    If you have some time and want to increase the number of gifts we're looking forward to, consider creating an extra treat! You can browse all the requests here, or check out the searchable spreadsheet here. You are welcome to give treats at any time, before or after reveals.

    {Star Wars, Shaak Ti}

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:50 am
    sharpest_asp: Shaak Ti from the Force Unleashed, looking to the side (Star Wars: Shaak Ti)
    [personal profile] sharpest_asp posting in [community profile] 15woes
    Title: Tragedy Repeats
    Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Merfilly | [personal profile] sharpest_asp
    Fandom: Star Wars
    Character: Shaak Ti
    Table-Prompt: Cancer - History Repeated
    Warnings: referenced canonical minor character deaths

    And that's a wrap!

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:00 am
    [personal profile] treatyoself_mod posting in [community profile] treatyoselfcomm
    And that's time! How did you all go completing your assignments? Did you manage to finish your outstanding work? Did you make progress on it? Any and all progress on your work is laudable, so well done!

    We have some completed works over in our AO3 collection, and if you hosted your completed work elsewhere you can leave a link in a comment here too!

    40 Day Anime Meme - Day 10

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 07:54 am
    kalloway: (Yoyo Yoko)
    [personal profile] kalloway
    10 -- what is your favorite 'moe' anime?

    Hmm. I don't watch a lot of slice-of-life/girls-doing-everyday-things shows, which is where I think a lot of moe falls. I know Oreimo had a lot of moe elements, as does Eromanga Sensei (which I need to catch up on). And I did enjoy Girls Und Panzer and Gunslinger Girl, though for the latter I'd recommend the manga over the anime.

    40-anime meme: Day 10

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:48 am
    taichara: (Desert's Jewelbox -- NO.)
    [personal profile] taichara
    And now we hit the genre gauntlet and let's see what I wind up dredging up -- except --

    10 -- what is your favorite 'moe' anime?

    I don't watch moeblob bullshit and I would rather pour battery acid in my eyes than start, thank you very much.
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    ( You're about to view content that a community administrator has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
    [personal profile] goss posting in [community profile] drawesome

    Drawesome Weekly Challenge #4 - One Object, Two Perspectives

    For our fourth challenge:

    One Object, Two Perspectives

    Choose any object or artefact, and draw it from two different perspectives.

    The object you choose to draw can be either fandom or non-fandom-related. It can be drawn from different angles. eg. front, top, side view, etc.

    (Thanks to [personal profile] mific for the prompt ideas for this week's challenge)

    A round-up post for submissions to this challenge will be done on Friday 28th July, 2017.

    Happy drawing, everyone! :D

    Robotech -- maybe miracles DO happen?

    Jul. 22nd, 2017 01:59 am
    taichara: (Zor -- smirk)
    [personal profile] taichara
    Well, Robotech certainly woke up.

    So hot on the heels of the Ghost Fleet Saga clarification/reveal/whatever came the announcement of volume one of a bloody set of art/reference books from Udon. And new merch (most of which I was not and am not interested in -- but I just had six tshirts and a wallscroll arrrive from the Robotech Store so I guess they got me anyway? lol). And of course there's the new comic about to start --

    SDCC hit this week and holy crow I think the floodgates are about to burst open. Just off the top of my head:

    - well, the comic, of course
    - even more merch/toys/collectibles
    - a board game and a dice/card game
    - the live-action movie has its director and producer set and is supposedly getting fast-tracked

    And, possibly most significant in my own opinion, after having been moribund ever since Shadow Chronicles and literally nonexistent except for the shop for at least the last several years the official Robotech site has come back to life.

    I wish they'd wiped the old forum content though because I'm petty

    The new site is spiffy and shiny and is already packed with character bios and mecha information and a clickable timeline (that I should take a closer look at to see if there's been yet another overhaul, lololol) and ship/mecha size comparisons and etc etc.

    But most importantly of all?

    When you go into the setting encyclopedia section of the site, Sentinels is right there along with everything else. And it has its share of character bios and suchsort.

    I haven't been alive enough to dig out every detail and see just what they have there, but I know the important part immediately. And that important part is that Sentinels is restored to Robotech canonicity.

    I am going to die of fucking joy.

    Aside from that, of course 99.9% of all this new stuff is for First Gen. But starting at the beginning only makes sense with what they're doing, and who knows, maybe in the face of possible changes and new things altogether (Ghost Fleet Saga!), I can start paying some~ attention to First Gen without too much bitterness.

    besides Roy is calling me

    I'm going to be really curious as to whether Edwards turns up in the new comic and when and what context, if he does, though ...

    Weekly Challenge #3 - Round-Up Post

    Jul. 21st, 2017 09:55 pm
    goss: (Rainbow - Pencils)
    [personal profile] goss posting in [community profile] drawesome
    Congratulations to our participants this week! :)

    Drawesome's Weekly Challenge #3 - Song Lyric Prompt

    Here's a round-up of all entries submitted for the Weekly Challenge #3: Song Lyric Prompt:

    Previous Challenges:
    1. Weekly Challenge #1 - Squiggle Challenge | Round-Up Post
    2. Weekly Challenge #2 - Word Prompt: Villainous | Round-Up Post

    As usual, these challenges remain open to later entries.

    Look for a new weekly drawing challenge to be posted tomorrow!

    Late Night Revelations

    Jul. 21st, 2017 08:57 pm
    [syndicated profile] soudam_feed

    Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/alpacaswithhats/pseuds/alpacaswithhats">alpacaswithhats</a>


    "Kazuichi was well aware that he was whining again yet he couldn’t care less. This was a life or death matter after all, the base of his very existence began tumbling down as one of his core beliefs was blown away like that."

    or: Two boys in love are cuddling at 1 am and Gundam makes a discovery that will cause Kazuichi to question the principles of aging.

    Words: 1408, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


    Jul. 21st, 2017 08:55 pm
    kalloway: Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin tinted purple (RuroKen Kaoru Purple)
    [personal profile] kalloway posting in [community profile] onedeadplotbunny
    It looks like summer is trying to sneak by~ Sorry about that!

    This is a weekly check-in! You do not have to check in, of course, but if you would like to comment on the last week, feel free!

    If you have a deadline coming up, you can do it! If you need a deadline, feel free to ask!

    A little bit of love in her life

    Jul. 21st, 2017 07:13 pm
    [syndicated profile] poly_paladins_feed

    Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/Yurika_Schiffer/pseuds/unxpctedlygreat">unxpctedlygreat (Yurika_Schiffer)</a>


    Five times Katie Holt feels love crawl its way into her heart and one time where love is well settled.

    Because Katie is in love, and it's okay.

    Words: 5091, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    (no subject)

    Jul. 21st, 2017 05:22 pm
    kalloway: (TotA Tear)
    [personal profile] kalloway
    Whew-- Friday. This was a long, hot week.

    I scheduled the window installation, which is still a month out (as expected). While this company seems relatively efficient, affordable, and I've heard very good things about the actual windows, their customer service has been just shy of atrocious. I had to beg the scheduling rep to stay on the phone to answer a couple of basic questions like 'how much space should I have clear around each window?' and whatnot. And this is after two other people coming out to measure, etc. and making disparaging and freakshow comments about my place.

    Mostly, when I haven't been too groggy to do anything, I've been playing Brave Exvius. I'm not far into the story, since there are so many events to poke around in otherwise. So for every bit I progress the story, I'm burning through my energy gauge with grinding and whatnot. I did manage to score a Warrior of Light today, so I'm excited. I haven't had a chance to do much with him, though. I actually really like the BE original summons as much as anyone. There may be drabbles forthcoming. ^^;;

    I want to try to do some writing this weekend. We'll see. It's been so long... I suppose I can get back to putting some stuff up on AO3 and whatnot, too? I probably have less than 5% of my total output up over there. *facepalms*

    There's no time like the present!

    40 Day Anime Meme - Day 9

    Jul. 21st, 2017 03:47 pm
    kalloway: (GS MSV Strike Rouge)
    [personal profile] kalloway
    09 -- name an anime character you absolutely hate.

    'Hate' is a strong word for me. I have plenty of characters I really, really don't like. The few downright hates that come to mind are all from video game land...

    And one definitely-anime example where a character had what could have been an endless amount of potential except it was completely disregarded and... wasted anyone on a character who had been established by the bulk of the previous canon to have absolutely no reason to exist.

    Stellar Loussier from Gundam SEED Destiny.

    And then whoops, like a thousand words of explanation! )

    Cipher Hunt anniversary!

    Jul. 21st, 2017 03:28 pm
    komischkatze: (Bill)
    [personal profile] komischkatze posting in [community profile] themysteryshack
    It's been one year since the Cipher Hunt started!
    Did anyone follow it as it happened? I never managed to get involved (I did a little bit of the puzzle when it got put online but nothing significant) but I followed it, and it was super exciting. I really appreciate the effort Alex put into making it happen ^^


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