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Hey creator! Thank you so much for deciding to create for me, whether you've been officially assigned to me, you're pinch-hitting, or you're treating! I hope we matched on a fandom you really enjoy, and have fun creating! :D

I will love whatever you create, honest! Don't stress too much over it, I'm pretty easy to please, haha, and I'm sure it'll turn out great!

Fluff, humor, rivals/enemies-to-lovers, enemies with mutual attraction to each other, enemies forced to work together, sharp teeth, biting/bite marks and blood (both in moderation), physical fighting as a form of intimacy/way to let off steam, light angst/bittersweet works with happy endings, platonic/queerplatonic relationships, non-sexual intimacy, polyamory, guy-girl friendships that stay platonic, AUs, hurt/comfort, masquerade/formal dances (especially with rival characters being forced to dance together/characters meeting at a masquerade)

(The only exceptions to any of these appearing in a work is if it's an important part of canon or if I've specifically requested it; otherwise I would rather do without!)

Anything sexual, physical/sexual abuse, alcoholism/getting drunk (especially if it's underage), any references to pregnancy/having kids, major character death, major angst/dark tones being the focus of the work, major/serious injury, character/ship hate, first person POV*

*exception to this is if it's your personal style of writing! Go for it, if that's the case! I just have a preference for second or third person, is all.

On to individual fandom stuffs! Note that these are additional to my requests on ao3, and aren't stand-alone!

Dangan Ronpa (All Media Types)

Relationships: Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito/Nanami Chiaki, Kirigiri Kyouko/Celestia Ludenberg, Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko/Nanami Chiaki, Mioda Ibuki/Pekoyama Peko, Munakata Kyosuke/Sakakura Juzo/Yukizome Chisa, Sonia Nevermind/Owari Akane, Souda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundam
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can find so many complete playthroughs of the games on YouTube, with or without commentary! Then, the DR3 anime can be found on Funimantion, which also has a mobile app. It has way less ads than Crunchyroll, and a lot of times the app will skip through ads altogether! It's good!

Kazuichi/Gundam: Hateships are good. I enjoy them lots, and these two are no exception! Would love something with Kazuichi trying to start a fight, but when Gundam rises to the occasion and is serious about it, he backs down because he is all bark and little bite, also Gundam is taller and stronger and has got weird magics and could take him out like that if he really wanted to. Being paired up to collect supplies in an Island Mode scenario is good. Maybe it gets late and something spooks Kazuichi and he jumps up on Gundam, and when it turns out to be nothing he gets all flustered, and Gundam teases him kind of in an irritated way and Kaz tries to give sputtered retorts. [Here] is a good art of that kinda scenario!
Forced to work together and one getting hurt, causing the other to have to carry him? There's a really good (SFW) doujin about that! [Here] is the post about it, with two different ways to read it linked in it!
Remember in the DR3 despair arc when Gundam was fighting the brainwashed reserve course students with Nekomaru, and Sonia was worried about their safety and Kazuichi was immediately like, 'don't worry, he's strong and can handle himself, he's fine!' and then was all, 'oh wait,, I'm not, supposed to say that' and was a lil embarrassed? [X] | [X] Yeah. Those kinds of scenarios are good.
Wouldn't mind Kazuichi biting Gundam with those sharp teeth of his, either intentionally or accidentally, haha. [X]
Not really looking for Sonia to take too big a role, if any. While she may have been the cause of (Kazuichi's initially one-sided) dislike, I'd like it if their conflict with each other transformed into its own thing, with Sonia quietly migrated out of the equation, if that makes sense?
Anyway I've rambled enough about them! You can check out [this letter] for even more stuff on them if you'd like! Here are some more good arts for inspiration: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]
Also, here's a fanmix I made for them a while ago, if you're interested: [X]!

Sonia/Akane: They come from two totally different worlds, and stuff like that is appealing to me. Akane was a poor girl who had to fight her way through every day to make sure her large family was cared for, while Sonia was raised in a castle, all prim and proper, but isolated. Sonia would be interested in meeting Akane's family, and seeing Japan (Akane could get her to the highest places with the best views!) and Akane would be super into visiting Sonia's castle, with all the luxuries she wasn't able to afford (and all the high up places she could get to!). Royal picnics, dinners, something where Akane can eat as much as she wants, which Sonia doesn't mind! I feel like Akane would be very blunt with her feelings, not one for all the drama of keeping stuff pent up. Spur of the moment you're prettys, affectionate gestures, loud confessions. Sonia would be in awe of Akane's abilities, and likes to watch her climb higher and higher, full confidence she won't fall or hurt herself. Maybe she cheers Akane on, attends tournaments. Tired Akane just kind of flopping over Sonia's lap and falling asleep right then and there, to Sonia's amusement. Akane thinking Sonia's occult interests are really weird, and states so, but enjoys them with her because Sonia likes them. Teaching Sonia some basic gymnastics moves could be fun.
Here are some good arts for inspiration: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

Fuyuhiko/Chiaki: Wow they're cute! During the first chapter, when everyone was going to the party except Fuyuhiko because he's Fuyuhiko, when Chiaki was sent to stand guard outside, she kinda ruined his plans of just sneaking by to watch from afar, and Idk, I thought it was cute how she kind of got him a lil flustered. [Here] is a video with the interaction in it, if you're interested! It starts around 49:10, and lasts a minute or so! She talks about him being lonely, and I think she can relate, if maybe not her game self then the real Chiaki they made in DR3. Peko joining them on their outings could be funny, especially if Fuyuhiko and Chiaki are have a moment, and Fuyuhiko gets even more flustered by Peko being there.
These are the only arts I am aware of existing for this pair and that's kinda sad, ah: [X] | [X] | [X]

Ibuki/Peko: They are totally different in personality and that is great! Ibuki is so open and loud and expressive, whereas Peko is more closed-off and quiet. Peko can also kill a man- and has- whereas Ibuki wouldn't hurt a fly. Ibuki crushing very hard on Peko is good. Beach dates are good. Also, [this] happened and despite Peko's denial, it is great. Ibuki dragging Peko off and away from Fuyuhiko, which he thinks is a good idea despite her concerns, and them coming back to find that everything is fine and Fuyuhiko is fine, showing that Peko can have a life of her own, detached from Fuyuhiko, and can have fun, guilt-free- that's so good. She sees herself as so little, and finding love in Ibuki and Fuyuhiko, helping her see her worth, is a good thing. Also Peko genuinely loves little furry animals and that's the cutest thing!
Also, look at these good arts: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

Hajime/Nagito/Chiaki: I'm usually into them with Nagito and Hajime romantically involved, with them both being platonically involved with Chiaki, but I'm down for all the romance! For fanart, I'd prefer if Hajime was situated in the middle, between Nagito and Chiaki. Or Nagito! Anyway, I love how most of the DR groups (DR, SDR2, DR3) have two pairs of trios in them (can't speak for Despair Girls or NDRV3, as I haven't seen them yet). In DR, you had Makoto, Byakuya, and Kyoko, as well as Chihiro, Kiyotaka, and Mondo; then with SDR2, you had this trio and Sonia, Gundam, and Kazuichi; in DR3, you had Kyosuke, Juzo, and Chisa, as well as Seiko, Ruruka, and Sonosuke. 'S interesting!
I usually like Nagito and Hajime having a love-hate thing going on, but I also really love the three of them being happy and having fun. Maybe post-DR3, they're on better terms (and Chiaki is alive, haha). Finding a home with each other. Piling up together for a movie, falling asleep all over each other, cramming themselves onto one bed. Hajime or Nagito carrying the other sleeping two to bed, one in his arms, the other hanging onto his back. Luck-proofing their place so Nagito feels better about it. Going out for fun nights, walking along the moonlit beach, stargazing, maybe watching fireworks.
There is so much really wonderful artwork of them, I'm so in love: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

Kyoko/Celestia: My headcanons for them are along the lines of Celestia being an aro lesbian and Kyoko as aroace, and that their relationship is more physical. Feel free to run with that if you'd like!
[This] was the scene that got me thinking about them. For whatever reason, I decided to watch the anime after playing/watching a playthrough of the game, even though I knew it was the same exact thing except heavily condensed to get the basic story across. I dunno, I guess seeing this scene animated really helped get a sense of the feeling of a battle being won, Celestia conceding defeat. They could play lots of games with each other like that. Not necessarily ones ending in one of their deaths, though. Interesting dynamic! Kyoko calling Celestia Taeko to rile her up could be fun. Celestia pushing Kyoko up against hallway walls and kissing her till they're dizzy is also fun. Maybe Celestia prods at Kyoko regarding her gloves, doesn't push too far, recognizing it's pretty serious and she won't stoop that low, but she pushes respectfully. Maybe Kyoko makes biting comments about Celestia's fake drills. Like I said, implications of sexual activity for these two is totally fine, as long as nothing is explicit. Would prefer to stay away from anything too heated on that front as well. Allusions to drinking, smoking, and/or drug use are totally okay with them too, since I feel that might be a scene Celestia hangs out in and Kyoko is all too familiar with. Just nothing overboard!
[Here] is a nice moodboard that captures their vibe pretty well, and [here] is a good piece of art of them!

Kyosuke/Juzo/Chisa: It's kind of sad that in DR3, we got introduced to all these wonderful new characters and then literally all of them died except for Kyosuke and Ryota. And while Ryota has a whole class behind him, Kyosuke has nowhere to go back to, no one to go back with or to. And his eye is all messed up, and he killed his best friend, and found out his other best friend was in despair the whole time! Like. No! That's sad D:
which is the point but still.
Let them be happy! Let them figure feelings about and work together to figure out how their relationship works. Chisa and Juzo crashing at Kyosuke's place so often they practically live there, and they acknowledge that. Juzo offering to teach them some basic boxing guards, stances, maneuvers, just in case. Chisa teaching them how to cook some more complicated dishes. Kyosuke versing them in swordfighting. Juzo carrying them both around to show off his strength. Going on a small vacation to de-stress. Caring for Seiko together is so good. There are so many good things you can do with these three where they're all happy together!
See, look at all these happy pieces of art: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! More prompts for most of these relationships can be found on my [prompt lists], if you're interested! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

Diabolik Lovers

Relationships: Komori Yui/Sakamaki Ayato, Mukami Kou/Sakamaki Subaru, Mukami Yuuma/Sakamaki Shuu
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can watch the anime on Crunchyroll. I'd suggest trying to snag a guest pass so you don't have to deal with the mountain of ads CR likes to bombard you with. The episodes are only about 14 minutes long each, so it doesn't take long to finish!

I really like all the vampires being asexual. That's a headcanon of mine, spurred by that one scene where Yuma told Yui they wouldn't react to her naked body, or however he phrased it. Feel free to run with that, if you'd like!

Yui/Ayato: So. I don't. Really know why I watched both seasons of this. I don't know why I've drawn fanart and made a fanmix for this series. Like. The whole time I was watching it, I was commenting to my sister just how bad it was, because the anime really is just about Yui's abuse. I dunno. Maybe I'm drawn to it because I want a fix-it. I want resolution, because that cliffhanger ending was not satisfying. I also fell for these two along the way, darn it. That hug scene, man. Signs of Ayato having a soft spot for Yui, a hopeful promise that maybe he can change- I'm very interested in that.
So what I'm requesting, basically, if you're up to the task, is Yui finding a safe, non-abusive home with the Mukamis, and Ayato and her working on their relationship, Ayato bringing himself to see her as a person, an equal (however difficult that may be), and amending his abusive ways, maybe even getting to a point where he regrets his actions and apologizes, and Yui growing more of a spine, being more confident in herself, not letting these guys push her around, not being afraid to voice her concerns, her needs, her wants. Of course it's gonna be a struggle, on both ends, and it's not gonna be a smooth road, and it's not gonna happen right away. They both have to put in the work, and under the Mukani watch, I think they could work it out. Ayato showing softness and affection for Yui in his own, unspoken way is great and I'm weak for that. Yui showing concern for him, even after all she's been through, holding his hand, touches lingering a moment too long, hugging him from behind, small displays of affection, those are so good too.
The Mukamis, at the end, said they would be more respectful towards Eve, and I'd appreciate that shown too, even if only background. They probably have to work on treating her better too, although I feel it'd come easier to them. They've been human before. Ayato probably wouldn't like them, and they probably wouldn't like him, but they allow him to visit and grow accustomed to his presence. Might help him work on his issues with jealousy and possessiveness.
If you want to just kinda. Forget about what happened at the end of season one, that'd be more than all right with me. I'm not quite sure what happened there. Thought Yui was a vampire but then they never elaborated on it or mentioned it again so?? Also, for the battle that was supposed to happen at the end of season two, if you mention or include that, do what you'd like! It doesn't really matter to me how it all goes down, as long as these guys make it out okay, haha. Feel free to draw upon the games for some details too. I'd prefer to keep game references to a minimum though. I see this as a totally different continuity, where totally different outcomes can be yielded, y'know? Go wild with divergence from the games (as I'm sure my request is, haha)!
Alsooo, if you describe Yui's abuse, I prefer it be not too graphic and relatively brief, please!
[Here] is some good art of them. 'S cute. Also, [here] is a fanmix I made about their relationship, if you're interested! It goes through her abuse and Ayato's regret and her feelings about him and their recognizing they're a mess and bittersweet hope for change. It's pretty short.

Then, concerning Kou/Subaru and Yuma/Shu, I highly suggest reading through [this letter], as I covered pretty much everything about them there. For convenience, here's what I prefaced that letter with:
"I'm not really looking for anything fluffy or romantic and stuff for these guys, as you can probably tell, haha. Sorry if that's how you like these guys!
More interested in their hatred of each other, especially due to the differences in class and social status. Again, it's okay if Yui comes into play, but I'd much prefer her appearance be brief!
I'm really interested in how vampires view biting other vampires, and how the social hierarchy comes into play there. Is it disrespectful? A taboo? A display of power? However it's viewed, I'd love for the pairs to do it during fights and their reactions!"

Basically, looking for hate-based relationships with maybe mutual attraction to each other. Physical fights and snark and banter are both good. Biting and blood drinking, also good. Hate-smooches, extra good.

Yuma/Shu: Shu remembers Edgar, but Edgar's gone. Yuma's here now, and Shu has to accept that. He'd probably be really conflicted about it, especially when his former friend is trying to start stuff with him at school. Him acknowledging his friend is gone and this is how their relationship is now is good. Emphasizing social class differences would be great, with Shu being pureblood and Yuma not. That's a pretty big part of Yuma's hatred for Shu, and I love cocky Yuma instigating fights despite that. Would love overconfident Yuma biting, or at least trying to bite, Shu, and Shu's reaction. How does vampire society view biting each other, and what of a lowblood doing so to a pureblood? (I'm sure Reiji would be furious.) Shu getting riled up enough to fight back is good.
Look at this good art: [X]
For clarification, mutual fights. Not just one beating up on the other. Fighting that they both reciprocate, and not busting each other up too badly. Just as a way to release some of their anger they harbor for each other.

Subaru/Kou: Lots of teasing from Kou! Teasing is good. Subaru has a lot of pent-up anger, and releasing that through his spats with Kou might be good. Therapeutic, even! Kou calling Subaru cute, partly because he thinks it's true, partly to rile Subaru up more, partly to fluster him. Subaru doesn't know what to do about that. Kinda just makes him want to punch Kou in the mouth. Sometimes with his own mouth. Mostly with his fist. I don't think the class system comes too much into play with these two. Don't think they'd care about it all that much. Doesn't mean they'd appreciate bites from each other though. Kou would relish in how flustered he can make Subaru get momentarily when he teases him by kissing him, just that moment before a fist goes flying. Again, reciprocated fights, not one beating on the other, and they don't bust each other up all that much. Throwing punches just enough to release that steam, that anger. Cornering each other in school, obviously not to start anything, but to acknowledge the marks they've marred on each other, fingers lightly running over bruises, bite marks. Whispering I hate yous, and you're the worsts. Hate-kisses, because they don't deny they're attractive, and that there's something there. They'll just swallow that for now, leave it unspoken.
I haven't seen any of that good hateship subakou art, so unfortunately I have nothing to link to on that front. I don't think I've seen really any subakou art? Hm.

Wow I hope that made sense!
All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! That's all I've got for this fandom!

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Relationships: Hunk/Keith/Lance/Pidge | Katie Holt/Shiro (Voltron: Legendary Defenders), Keith/Pidge (Voltron)
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, uhh, the only... official source for it is Netflix, which you have to pay for. I'd suggest leeching it off a friend, relative, or someone else you know, or trying a free trial and watching it within the time you get. We all know there are other places to watch stuff, but I'm not gonna. Y'know. Steer anyone in that direction.

The ages don't matter to me, it's not something I've really ever thought about. They're all obviously at least late teens though, and I'm fine with that or having them a few years older, if it makes you more comfortable.
With Pidge, she/her pronouns please, although I enjoy trans girl Pidge as well as nonbinary Pidge! Brief mentions of that in passing (same applies to sexualities/romantic orientations, and applies to all characters) are okay, I just don't want it to be a major focus of the work.

Hunk/Keith/Lance/Pidge/Shiro: Wow I love them all! I want them all to be happy and lovely with each other. All the cuddles and bed-sharing! Relief after a large, long battle that they're all okay, and giving each other the tightest of hugs, the sloppiest of kisses, laughing and crying and they're just so happy. Gradually getting to know each other, growing closer, at a slower pace than depicted in the show, because you can't rush these things, they come naturally. They're not total strangers though, and bond easily enough. That moment when they're able to form Voltron, having grown close enough, their bonds strong enough, their elation at that, how overjoyed they are. Allura, Coran, and the mice inquiring as to the nature of human relationships. Them being explained to the concept of queerplatonic relationships. The paladins' feelings gradually transforming, moving from queerplatonic territory to those of a more romantic nature. It's maybe awkward and unspoken initially, but they fall into it so naturally, and are okay with their new arrangement. Granted, their relationship is rocky at times, of course. None of them have done anything like this before, and juggling that while trying to save the universe is difficult. They work through it though, and are okay. They're happy. Allura, Coran, and the mice continue to learn new things about human relationships.
During times of relative quiet, ease, peace, they're able to fully enjoy each other's company. Visiting all sorts of new, unique, colorful worlds, with cultures and customs so unfamiliar, but they explore them graciously and together. When the baddies dare confront them, they make the best team together, and will fight tooth and nail if one of their team is captured or injured. They sustain lots of injuries during their time as defenders of the universe, and spend lots of time patching each other up, the more minor, smaller injuries, cuts and scrapes, bruises, that the magic Altean healing pods aren't necessary for. They train together, strengthen their bonds further, discover strategies, formations, that take advantage of their unique strengths and weaknesses, play off of each other. They find home with each other when homesickness bowls them over in waves. Reassurances, reminders, they're okay, they'll make it back home, they'll see their families again. Their love is strong.
I love them lots, here are some good pieces of art with them all and a couple of meta posts on them: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

Keith/Pidge: I don't know how or when, but I fell so hard for these two. I have a tedency to go into ship tags on tumblr, for ones maybe I'm neutral about or have heard about but not seen, just to kinda see what's got people buzzing about it, and this ship was one of those ones. I thought it was cute, but still didn't have any opinion on it, but a few days later I was just. Super into it out of nowhere, guess it kinda grew on and attached itself to me, haha.
I like how they're both more the types to keep to themselves when stuff is eating at them, and I think would find solace in each other. They've both got family missing, and are determined to find them, although Pidge a little more since she actually knows where to look. Keith can admire her intensity, as someone who can be a little hot-headed himself. Pidge is more of a tech person, and Keith is one of their top fighters, and I love that combination. Keith helping her train is good. Pidge maybe teaching him some basic tech lingo or how to do some tech stuff, to make it easier on her when they're on missions requiring lots of her skills, could be fun. Keith laying down, maybe polishing his blade, tossing something up in the air, or some other arbitrary activity, helping quiz Pidge on Altean words (and maybe learning some himself along the way) could be fun. Seeking each other out at night, watching space, the stars together, when they can't sleep due to nerves, due to how they miss home, their family, aren't sure of themselves. Comforting each other. Falling asleep together, heads resting on each other's shoulders in some nook or cranny of the castle.
There's a bunch of nice art for them too: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]
Also I just. Really love this one, ahah: [X]

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

X-Men Evolution

Relationships: Amara Aquilla/Tabitha Smith (X-Men Evolution), Kitty Pryde/Rogue (X-Men Evolution), Lance Alvers/Kitty Pryde (X-Men Evolution), Lance Alvers/Scott Summers (X-Men Evolution), Pietro Maximoff/Kurt Wagner (X-Men Evolution), Risty Wilde/Rogue (X-Men Evolution), Wanda Maximoff/Rogue (X-Men Evolution)
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

Someone else copy-pasted some of those optional details prompts for this fandom directly from my sign-up to their own, so I guess that means they're good??

Edit: They deleted those requests. Wild!

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can find all the episodes on YouTube! C;
(At least, last time I checked you could, anyway. There was like, one episode in season three or four that was a little difficult to find a good video for, but with a little digging you'll find one. Other than that, it's all good and there.)

I'm not too familiar with what happens post-canon, I know Jean becomes the Phoenix and goes out of control and dies and all that. But I don't really care about any of that, haha! If you want to create something involving post-canon stuff, feel totally free to disregard the events that occur in other continuities and go with whatever! My view is: this is a different continuity, so while it was implied to follow the same timeline the others do, it was never actually shown in canon, so go wild!

Pietro/Kurt: I pretty much hit the nail on the head in [this letter] when I wrote about them. For convenience, here's what I put:
"Wow I love them lots. That scene in the show where Pietro snuck into the Institute and slipped the note under Kurt's door lends itself to so many other good ideas, it's great. They could probably wreak lots of havoc with the combination of their powers, haha. I love the idea of the rest of the Brotherhood teasing Pietro if they find out he's crushing on one of the X-Men, and Pietro calling Lance a hypocrite for it. Also! Them falling over each other during one of their teams' skirmishes, sitting there for a second as they take in what happened and getting a lil flustered. 'S good."

More Pietro sneaking into the Institute for Kurt! Kurt teleporting to the Brotherhood base is good too. They both have complicated feelings for their parents (although nowhere near the rage their sisters have for them), with sometimes them not caring for them at all, but also having a connection to them because they're their parents. Maybe they could bond a little over that. Pietro not knowing what to do with those feelings is good. Complicating things further by being on opposing sides is great. If you're interested, [this] is a pretty great fic about them. Maybe it'll give you some ideas? [This] is another good fic, although it's Lance/Kitty, not Kurt/Pietro. I love the premise though, and would love a similar scenario with Kurt/Pietro. Enemies caring for each other when sick is always good. And don't you just love how they set up for a continuation of the Power 8 issue and then just dropped it, never to mention it again?
Also, [this] scene where Pietro got kinda handsy with Kurt in the mall, measuring him all over and throwing clothes on him. 'S good.
Here are a couple of pieces of them, both by the same artist because we're seriously lacking in that XME nightsilver: [X] | [X]

Wanda/Rogue: They should have more interactions. I feel like they'd get along nicely. Also, really unhappy with what they did to Wanda. Wiped her mind and rendered her with no objective, no conflict, and that was it. Concerning that returning-memories-and-going-off-in-search-of-parents prompt, I worded it a lot better in another exchange that will have ended by the time this exchange starts. It'll go on my prompt list once that ends, but for now, here's what I said:
"They both have parents that they despise, as well as similar fashion sense, and despite being on opposite sides, they could bond over that. When the X-Men first fought Wanda in the mall, Rogue touched her. It didn't slow her down, but Rogue must have absorbed some of her memories. What if, after Wanda's memory wipe, Rogue is able to transfer some of those memories back to her, so she can remember exactly why she hated her father so much. Maybe they go off together in search of their respective parents to chew them out/release their anger/try and kill them, or whatever they feel like doing, and maybe they fall for each other along the way?"

Bonding over your anger and hatred towards your terrible parents is always good.
When Rogue zapped Wanda, it didn't do much to faze her. Maybe Wanda is strong enough to withstand Rogue's powers, and they're able to be more physically affectionate with each other, when they're both comfortable and ready for that. Rogue keeping herself away from people, terrified of touching them, she'd probably be afraid and hesitant to do small things, such as holding hands, or giving hugs with skin contact, at first. I don't see Wanda as too big on the physical affection either, but it's something they can talk about.
I like the idea that Rogue always has a place to stay at the Brotherhood, since she used to be one of them too, and they don't mind her. Meeting Wanda that way could be interesting. Maybe Rogue can help Wanda with controlling her powers, using her own to drain some away so it's not so overwhelming. Learning to control their powers together is good.
There's next to no fanworks for these two, and that's a bit of a travesty.

Risty/Rogue: I loved the twist that Risty was Mystique, although I guess Risty was kind of suspicious. Her and Rogue are cute though. The idea of Rogue having a thing for Risty and getting even more upset at Mystique for tricking her, betraying her, while also trying to deal with lingering feelings for who she thought Risty was, and how awkward Mystique must feel about it, as well as how she genuinely cares for Rogue, it's all so good. Rogue has so many conflicts with so many people, and they're all so interesting! Kinda just want her to be happy though, too. Making Risty an actual person is good too. There's one (1) whole fic about that on ao3 and I intend to read it when I get the chance. Rogue coming to terms with her feelings for Risty, especially if she's still crushing on Scott, and dealing with the realization she's into girls too is good. A smidge of internalized homophobia is okay, just nothing too big, or hurtful. Revealing her powers to Risty and Risty being more than okay with that. Taking it slow in the physical affection department, with Rogue being afraid of her powers and of hurting Risty. Risty asking Rogue out on dates that Rogue doesn't realize are dates until later on. Let Rogue fall in love with a girl who reciprocates those feelings and let them be happy!
This is another one of those ships that there's next to nothing for in the way of fanworks, unfortunately.

Kitty/Rogue: They're total social opposites, and that can make for some interesting conflicts. I'm also weak for the moments where they put whatever trivial argument they're going on about aside and work together, because they're teammates and that's what teammates do. Some sweet hurt/comfort is great. About the room thing, maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but I'd like to know the in-universe reason for them no longer sharing a room later in the series. What do you think caused it? A fight? Room switching due to newcomers? Explore that if you'd like! Just something I noticed that kind of irked me that there was no explanation for. Throwing Lance into the equation, further complicating their situation would be great. I'm also totally down for some Lance/Kitty/Rogue, if you want to go that route! Kitty phasing through walls and spooking Rogue unintentionally could be fun. Mall trips, maybe beach trips, dancing around and being silly together, it's all good!
I haven't seen any Rogue/Kitty art, which is a shame.

Lance/Kitty: They've got their issues. Their relationship is a little complicated, and they tend to dodge around it, but in the heat of the moment, putting teams and ideologies aside and jumping in to save the other from danger, those moments are the best. The ensuing getting flustered and awkwardness are great too! Lance can be such a softie around Kitty, and shows so much concern for her if it looks like she's in trouble, I love it. Him trying to step in to fight her battles, and her telling him to shove off because she can handle herself, and showing that, is good too. They have to work on that stuff. Of course he cares about her, but she's tough and doesn't need him to come to her rescue. Him laying off and watching in awe as Kitty beats up some baddie single-handedly, like that's my girlfriend! is cute. Going for drives, sightseeing, stargazing. Maybe some makeouts, because that's what a lot of teens do. Not too keen on like. Graphic or intricate detail on tongues or teeth and how the kisses are. No thank you.
That fic I linked in the Kurt/Pietro section (the Lance/Kitty one) is also good, if you want to make a similar scenario. Also, like I said in the Rogue/Kitty section, if you'd like to do some Lance/Kitty/Rogue, I'd be very cool with that!
There's not a lot of art in general for this fandom, I'm realizing. Look at this cute lancitty piece though: [X]

Lance/Scott: I really like the idea of them. Like a lot. I'm just having trouble getting totally on board, and usually it's the fanworks that assist me with getting all the way there. But there's nothing for these two! Maybe you could change that o:
I have a little more about them in [this letter], if you'd like to take a look. For convenience, here's an excerpt:
"I think I like the idea of Lance having this hate-thing for Scott and not knowing what to do about it, and Scott just kind of bewildered at his actions. I don't think Scott could genuinely hate Lance, because he's just a troubled guy who had dealt with some terrible stuff in the past and was swept up by the wrong person at the wrong time. Maybe he'd pity him, indulge him out of sympathy, which probably wouldn't sit well with Lance at all."

So there's that. I don't really know what else to add for them.

Amara/Tabitha: I don't really like Tabitha all that much, if I'm honest. I admit though, I fell for her and Amara so hard on that cruise/vacation episode. Amara feeling sick when she's away from land because she's connected to the earth and lava is so good, I absolutely love that! And Tabitha being this rowdy and loud, wild character showing a soft, quiet and concerned side just for Amara is really cute. Also her telling Amara where the best seats are in class is good too. Being soft with each other, saving each other when there's danger. Amara running away with Tabitha so she has someone with her as she gets away from her family. Tabitha sticking up for Amara if others try to pick on her and she's too quiet or overwhelmed to stand up for herself. Amara growing more confident in herself because of Tabitha, and Tabitha learning to exercise more control and caution would be great!
I haven't seen any fanart for them, but then again I don't think I've looked. All the art I link here is stuff I've reblogged on tumblr, which I haven't for them, so shruug. Art is good though!

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

Video Blogging RPF

Relationships: Matthew Patrick/Stephanie Patrick/Nathan Sharp, Marzia Bisognin/ChaoticMonki | Cryaotic/Felix Kjellberg
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, um. 'Video Blogging RPF' encompasses a lot of things, and I wouldn't know where to tell you to start if you were interested in general Video Blogging RPF. I can steer you towards the tiny corner of the fandom I'm interested in though! (Which could also be a starting point?) The best place to start would be their YouTube channels! Matt and Steph are behind GTLive where they stream themselves playing games and stuff, and record and upload the videos to their GTLive archive channel. (They also run Game Theory and Film Theory, but you don't actually learn anything about them from those.) Nate runs natewantstobattle and does music stuffs, as well as a few other channels I don't follow. Then the other three are pretty well-known, don't think I'll have to point you in their direction, haha. (Google will get you where you need to go though, if you need it!)

Matt/Steph/Nate: Wow I love them a lot! The fandom tends to go for either Matt/Steph or Matt/Nate, and I'm just here all why not polyamory?? ;u;
(I saw one fic that had Matt/Nate and Matt/Steph tagged and I got hopeful, but as I was reading, it turned out with Matt and Steph divorcing because of Matt spending more time with Nate and just- no. No. Nooooooo, absolutely not, please. That is definitely not for me, haha.)
I'm gonna preface this with addressing Nate's recent breakup: I do not want Nate and Morgan's break to take any part of any work that you might create. I don't want it to be mentioned. I'd just rather Morgan not be mentioned at all, honestly!
With that out of the way, let me link you to a couple of good stuffs! [This] is the famous chubby bunny live stream in full that Matt did with Nate, which kind of spurred the whole natepat thing. [This] is a shorter video highlighting the best parts of that stream, and the editing done in it also fuels it further! Matt and Nate did a cover of the Pokémon Johto theme song together which I absolutely love, which you can find [here]! Then there's also [this] music video where Nate's character kidnaps Matt's, which also fuels a lot of fanworks. I'm not too big on that kinda stuff, but it's a fun video to watch, and it's a good song.
Then just go through Matt and Steph's recorded streams, there are over a hundred hours' worth of content there to watch of them together, it's great.
I really love the idea of a Pokémon AU with the three of them set in Johto, all sort-of rivals who adventure together and fall in love along the way. Like, so much! There's only one fic series about that, and Matt and Nate are ten and Steph is Matt's mom, and that's waaay not my thing, haha. Looking for adult them (as they are now) and y'know, not one as another's parent, haha. I'm also super into Matt and Steph helping Nate record songs. I want them to collab again so bad. Matt used to do theatre, so he's also a singer, like Nate (vast difference in genre!) and it's great. Steph doesn't have a bad voice either! Band AU could be fun. I'm into the three of them falling into a relationship together, or Matt and Steph being established and working in Nate (involved romantically with Matt only though)! Would absolutely love bonding between Nate and Steph being an important part of the work too!
Look at these cute doodles: [X] | [X]
Also look at this great moodboard someone made for me: [X]!! I'm in love ;u;
Then here are some cute Steph/Matt stuffs: [X] | [X]
Aaand Nate/Matt: [X] | [X]

Marzia/Cry/Felix: Honestly, I haven't been following Felix's recent stuff, partly because of all the drama. I still enjoy these three together though. Don't want any of that drama to take part in any work you might create, please.
Cry and Felix had a lot of great interactions back in 2012, but here I am, five years later still enjoying them, haha. [Here] is a great blog that archives a lot of their interactions. They have a video masterlist with a bunch of videos they did together, and scrolling through the blog will yield a bunch of fanart and audio clips, and it's pretty great! The pewdiecry animations by NettyScribble are amazing too! [Here] is one, containing that famous do you remember September? line. I really love how prevalent that line is in fanworks, and wouldn't mind if it was used here. [Here] is the orginal Flowers for My Valentine animation! She recently remade it, which you can find [here]! The original is really what started my slip into RPF, haha.
Felix and Marzia have done so many videos together! [Here] is a good one, kind of has a Felix/Cry moment at the beginning too, so yay ot3! Then [here] is their trip to Greece, which was the first video that came to mind when I was thinking about what videos to link here. Really, all of their travel vlogs are great! [Here] is another good one!
Travelling all over the world is good. I've heard that Cry has said he's part Italian (although I can't confirm if he actually has, I haven't seen the video where he actually states that), so trips to Italy could be fun. Marzia and Cry both being Italian (even if Cry was born and raised American) is kind of fun, showing that maybe Felix has a thing for Italians. Cry and Marzia bonding is also good! I'd love if that is something that is an important part of the work! Also I feel like a lot of people forget that Cry isn't straight (I've definitely seen people claiming he is straight), and while I don't want it to be a major part of the work, a brief or subtle mention of that would be nice. (As someone who is also pan, Cry coming out as such just... it's cool to see, y'know?)
Look at this piece of the three of them: [X] It's the only piece I'm aware of (besides one I made last year) with the three of them together, and I love it so much! Really loving that Felix/Cry/Marzia art.
Here's some cute Felix/Marzia stuff: [X] | [X]
And for Cry/Felix: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! More prompts for Matt/Steph/Nate can be found on my [prompt lists], if you're interested! Also, feel free to check out my [ship list] for background relationships, if you're interested. For this, I think I'd prefer not really any background stuff, unless it's the platonic ones. That's all for this fandom!

The Secret of Moonacre (2008)

Relationships: Maria Merryweather/Robin de Noir, Loveday/Maria Merryweather
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, this is a movie! You can find it on Netflix (which I discovered shortly after watching it), but I'd suggest looking around at your local library, which is where I found it.

Maria/Robin: I thought they were cute! They come from feuding families, so there's that forbidden love and risk factor, and they also started off as enemies, and both of those things I very much love!
[This] scene is great, Maria tricking Robin and trapping him, rendering him vulnerable, is good. I don't have any gifs of it, but the scene where Robin and his troupe are bringing Maria to the dungeon cell, and she kicks him in the shin, that's good too. Maybe a similar type of situation where Robin's hands are tied, he doesn't necessarily dislike Maria, has no other reason to than their families' fighting, but he's under orders from his father to lock her up, and seeing the absolute rage and hatred on her face in that moment tears him up a little inside. That'd be great! That scene at the end, after they've tentatively befriended each other, Robin crying out and running to the edge after Maria jumps, and then [this] happens- it's so good, I absolutely love that. He denies it but he's grown fond of her. Taking care of Maria's hare together could be fun, especially after Robin tried to catch it twice. I'd be super interested in mentions of Robin having been romantically involved with the other guys in his little gang, before he met Maria. As the only teens his age, it makes sense that they explored themselves and their attractions together. While I don't want it to take too much focus in the work, mentions would be great! Adventures! Reading together! I'm up for just about anything, really, I just love them lots!

Loveday/Maria: I'm not sure where this came from, it just kind of hit me, super wild forest spirit Loveday!! With Maria!!
Maria's first meeting with Loveday was so good, Loveday being this wild forest lady who Maria maybe wasn't too sure about at first. I really like supernatural being/human kinda stuff, so really interested in this AU! Late teens Maria would be great! Sibling bonding between Loveday and Robin would be good too, maybe he's also some sort of being in this AU. I'd be interested in some Loveday/Maria/Robin, if you'd like to go that route! O:
I don't have much else to say about them! Go wild, be as creative as you'd like with this AU! Have fun with it! :D

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! This was short, but it's all I have for this fandom!

The Adventure Zone (Podcast)

Relationship: Magic Brian/Taako
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can find it at [their website]! It's also on Spotify, and I think iTunes too. Also, at least the first arc is on YouTube!
It's at around 65 episodes right now, but for the pair I'm requesting, you'd really only need to get through the first arc, which is about the first seven or eight episodes. (Of course, being familiar with more will help, but that's the bare minimum for this request, haha.) The encounter with Brian happens four episodes in, but the background the rest of the arc gives is important!

Magic Brian/Taako: I know this request is very canon-divergent, but I hope you'll entertain these ideas! Be as creative and go as wild as you'd like with canon-divergence! Have fun with it! :D
I really liked their first meeting, and how they hit it off pretty well (Taako caressed Brian's face with Mage Hand, even), but then immediately turned against each other due to conflict of interest. Their banter through the fight (Oh! That’s very interesting. Is that- was it called Magic Missile? Is that what that was? It was unrecognizable, because this is how I usually do it. and Abraca-fuck you! are some prominent lines that come to mind) is great and I love it so much. Snark and passive-aggressive (and maybe not-so-passive) banter is good. I don't really know the lore behind drow elves, but feel free to disregard whatever reason they're banished to the underground, so Brian can go out to the surface and they're not stuck in caves all the time. Making an exploring duo could be fun. Spider Bryan joining in on the fun is good, unless you keep in his death, which is also good. Hate-smooches are good. Drawn to each other because of their strong magics, subconsciously or otherwise, and denying that to themselves for a while is also good. Being unable to deny it is good too. All the magic duels! All the patching each other up! Taako continuously bringing up how Brian almost killed him and holding that against him could be fun. Brian shrugging it off and telling him he wasn't aware Taako would be that weak, and instigating more fights. Maybe more hate-kisses. Admiring how much stronger they've grown since they've met. Maybe a situation where one is in danger and instinctively goes to help him, and once the danger has passed, the one who was saved teasing him about it, causing him to grumble next time I'll let you fall or whatever the danger was, but they're both a little flustered about it.
Would prefer keeping Taako's physical appearance ambiguous, as it is left in the podcast, if writing fic! With art, I love everyone's interpretations, and don't really have one of my own, so you can do whatever with that. Feel free to use the graphic novel's design, if you'd like. I don't mind blue Taako; prefer that to green Taako, actually, haha. I also really like contrast between characters though, light-skinned Taako with dark hair to contrast dark-skinned Brian with light hair would also be welcome. Again, though, do whatever if you're doing art! Here are some good Taakos: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]
Slightly spoilery: [X]
Aaand here are some good Brians: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my [ship list]! Not sure how much room there is for background stuff, but feel free to take a look!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Relationships: Azula/Ty Lee (TLA), Azula/Mai/Ty Lee (TLA)
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it... uh, I'm actually not sure where you can find this. I'd suggest checking your local library, as that's where I found all the seasons, and didn't have to look anywhere else. Hm. If you have cable, you could trawl through Nickelodeon's channel and see if it's playing at all. You could also try Yahoo! View. I've discovered it very recently (currently watching the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! on there, as I've never watched the episodes straight through in order), and it might have this on there.

Tacked these requests on almost at the last minute! Found the complete season three at the library on the 24th (yesterday as of writing this), and was able to finish my complete rewatch (as I'd only seen a bunch of episodes out of order here and there, never straight through chronologically)! So yay!

Azula/Ty Lee: I am all for the emotional manipulation here! Azula doesn't treat her the best, but Ty Lee remains unwavering in her devotion to her, sees her as this wonderful person, tries to impress her and seek her praise, and Azula using that to her advantage. Ty Lee with unrequited feelings for Azula is good too. Azula leading her on and using those feelings to manipulate Ty Lee is also good. This doesn't have to be all emotional abuse and angst though! Reciprocated feelings are good too! Azula, who despises any form of weakness, finding a soft spot for Ty Lee and maybe beating herself up for her hypocrisy is cool. That scene at the party on Ember Island, where Azula lashed out at Ty Lee out of jealousy but then immediately apologized and admitted so, got all soft, that is the best and I love that. Nights where Azula is cracking, falling apart, with Ty Lee laying with her, doing her best to pull Azula together, build her back up- those are good.

Azula/Mai/Ty Lee: Mai/Ty Lee is a favorite of mine, and combining that with Azula/Ty Lee is great! I'm not much of a fan of Zuko/Mai, and would appreciate it if there weren't any mentions of that particular pair!
How the three of them met and sort-of-befriended each other would be interesting! Azula's got issues with power and control (understandably, considering who she was raised by and where), and while Mai grows increasingly irritated by that, eventually deciding she isn't going to put up with it anymore, Ty Lee maybe doesn't recognize that, and continues to see Azula in a purely positive light. Mai pulling Ty Lee out of Azula's grasp, Ty Lee coming to realize that maybe Azula isn't the best person, that could be interesting! Something post-canon, with Mai and Ty Lee visiting Azula, wherever she's held, could also be interesting, with Azula totally broken down.
Here are a couple of good pieces of the three of them: [X] | [X]

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

A Redtail's Dream (Webcomic)

Relationship: Hannu Viitanen/Puppy-Fox
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can read it [here]! It's around ~550 pages, and didn't take long for me to finish at all (I read 75 pages one night, and finished it the next day, although I probably could have finished sooner if I hadn't been reading on mobile and with a faster connection near the end, haha)!

Another request I tacked on near the end! I just finished the comic tonight (the 26th) and I saw this relationship in the tagset and just had to go for it!

Hannu/Puppy-Fox: When Kokko was all I have an idea concerning Puppy-Fox's punishment, I immediately thought they'd make him human, so he'd learn to respect their lives more. There's a lot you could do with that, and I'd be very much interested!
Maybe Puppy-Fox does end up dying, but the other animals just bring him back, his punishment not fulfilled. Then he and Hannu come to accept that they're stuck with each other for now. How the others in town react to Puppy-Fox could be interesting! Especially Paju, I feel like they'd maybe clash a bit. He'd probably get along better with the twins. Puppy-Fox teasing Hannu could be fun! Making a mess of the place, and Hannu having to lay down some ground rules is good too.
Puppy-Fox hurting himself terribly or getting really sick with Hannu having to take care of him, which they both despise, but it's less difficult than trying to explain how he can die but then come back. They both hate the situation they're in, but there's not much they can do but deal.
Maybe they're drawn to each other, maybe due to them having a connection as part of Puppy-Fox's punishment. Puppy-Fox developing feelings because that's what humans do and not knowing what to do with them, the experience so foreign to him? Hannu maybe developing some too, which he thinks is absolutely ridiculous and stupid and pushes them away favor of hating Puppy-Fox's guts?
Get creative, go wild, have fun! Really interested in that Hannu/Puppy-Fox hatemance, ahah.

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

And that's it for this letter! Hope it helped give you some ideas, and happy creating! :D


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