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Hey creator! Thanks so much for deciding to create for me, whether you've been officially assigned to me, you're a pinch-hitter, or are deciding to treat! I hope we matched on a fandom you enjoy creating for, so you can have fun with this!

Whatever you create, I'm sure will be wonderful and I will love it lots!

Fluff, humor, rivals/enemies-to-lovers, enemies with mutual attraction to each other, enemies forced to work together, sharp teeth, biting/bite marks and blood (both in moderation), light angst/bittersweet works with happy endings, platonic/queerplatonic relationships, non-sexual intimacy, polyamory, guy-girl friendships that stay platonic, AUs, hurt/comfort, masquerade/formal dances (especially with rival characters being forced to dance together/characters meeting at a masquerade)

(The only exceptions to any of these appearing in a work is if it's an important part of canon or if I've specifically requested it; otherwise I would rather do without!)

Anything sexual, physical/sexual abuse, alcoholism/getting drunk (especially if it's underage), any references to pregnancy/having kids, major character death, major angst/dark tones being the focus of the work, major/serious injury, character/ship hate, first person POV*

*exception to this is if it's your personal style of writing! Go for it, if that's the case! I just have a preference for second or third person, is all.

Now for individual fandoms; note that these are additional to what are on my requests on ao3 and aren't stand-alone!

Dangan Ronpa

Relationships: Souda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundam, Hinata Hajime/Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko, Hagakure Yasuhiro/Kuwata Leon, Hagakure Yasuhiro/Togami Byakuya (Dangan Ronpa)
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

Kazuichi/Gundam: I just. Really love these two, haha. Really into those hateships! I'd prefer if Sonia didn't take too much focus, if you go for this pair. Of course, she's why Kazuichi got irritated by Gundam initially, which is fine to have in the work, but I'd really like if Sonia just kind of migrated out of the equation and their dislike of each other became more personal, if that makes sense!
I really don't have much to add to the requests on ao3, but here are some good arts for inspiration, maybe: [x] | [x] | [x] | [x] | [x]

Hajime/Fuyuhiko: Fuyuhiko's free-time events with Hajime are great, especially the last one! They can be watched [here], if you're interested!
Nothing else to add to the requests on ao3, but here are some good arts: [x] | [x]

Leon/Yasuhiro: They're cute. That's really all I have to say about them, haha. If you go with them, and use the teaching-each-other prompt, with Leon teaching Hiro how to swing a bat, having Leon standing behind him and putting his arms around him and maneuvering his arms and stuff, to which Yasuhiro gets a lil flustered, would be a good scene. Great scene! With Yasuhiro's hair getting in the way, and their height difference making it a little difficult! That'd be silly and cute!

Yasuhiro/Byakuya: All the DR1 survivors love Hiro, and Byakuya is no exception! Remember that scene from the DR3 future arc, where Byakuya comes to save the day and Yasuhiro calls out to him with a cutesy nickname, and Byakuya tells him not to call him that but smiles? [This] one? Yeah.

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! More prompts for some of these pairs can be found on my [prompt lists], if you're interested! Also, if you're looking for background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

Diabolik Lovers

Relationships: Mukami Kou/Sakamaki Subaru, Mukami Yuuma/Sakamaki Shuu
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

I'm not really looking for anything fluffy or romantic and stuff for these guys, as you can probably tell, haha. Sorry if that's how you like these guys!
More interested in their hatred of each other, especially due to the differences in class and social status. Again, it's okay if Yui comes into play, but I'd much prefer her appearance be brief!
I'm really interested in how vampires view biting other vampires, and how the social hierarchy comes into play there. Is it disrespectful? A taboo? A display of power? However it's viewed, I'd love for the pairs to do it during fights and their reactions!

Yuma/Shu: Their confrontations at school are great, even if they use Yui as a trump card. Shu is usually pretty apathetic, but I'd love to see Yuma able to get a rise out of him on his own, enough to cause him to fight back occasionally. Hate-kisses are good.

Kou/Subaru: Fighting in the secluded area of their school was a good scene. Would love more, especially if it helps Subaru let off some steam. Confrontations while Kou's on his way back from work and Subaru happens to be out would be interesting. Kou teasing Subaru (possibly by kissing him, at one point), serving to rile him up even more is good.

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Don't have any extra prompts for this fandom, and the only other DL ship I'd be interested in for background, if you're looking for background stuff, would be Ayato/Yui.

Prince of Stride: Alternative

Relationships: Ida Amatsu/Yagami Tomoe, Kuga Kyousuke/Okumura Kaede, Hasekura Heath/Kadowaki Ayumu, Kadowaki Ayumu/Kohinata Hozumi, Kuga Kyousuke/Yagami Tomoe, Hasekura Heath/Kuga Kyousuke, Hasekura Heath/Kadowaki Ayumu/Kohinata Hozumi/Kuga Kyousuke, Senoo Tasuku/Suwa Reiji
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

Amatsu/Tomoe: Talk about rare, huh? I've never seen this pair anywhere and that saddens me a little, haha. It probably doesn't help that they both got very little screen time, ahah. If you're willing to create for this pair, I'll love you forever, haha. Jokes aside, I really like the idea of Amatsu looking up to Tomoe and trying to impress or even surpass him. Amatsu is extremely confident and maybe a tad egotistical when it comes to his stride abilities. ("I made the guy in the sky make the word 'fastest' just for me.") Tomoe is this stride legend that everyone knows about. I feel like when Amatsu meets him, when they're thrown together on the same team, he'd be really excited to show him what he's made of. Maybe Tomoe would be amused, and indulge Amatsu, as long as he can keep up?
Reciprocated feelings would be great, although I also wouldn't mind if they went unrequited on Amatsu's part.

Kaede/Kyousuke: Kaede being awe-struck and infatuated with Kyousuke is good. They could be really good friends, and I'd love for them to reach that point after working through Kaede's unrequited feelings. While of course there'd be angst, I'd prefer it end on a lighter, happier note.

Kyousuke/Heath: Motorcycle rides and modelling are both great. These two are great. I don't have much to add, haha.

Kyousuke/Tomoe: They seemed a lot like a power couple that looked perfect publicly but had issues behind-the-scenes. That scene where they met again in person, [this] one, could parallel a breakup pretty well. I feel like they'd still be super close and keep in touch, like they did throughout the show, but just wouldn't be involved romantically. No hard feelings on either side, them both feeling it wasn't working out.

Heath/Ayumu: I love that they formed the Shogi/Stride clubs together to keep them both alive, and took part in each other's clubs. Ayumu agreeing to Heath training him despite his disinterest is great. Scenes of them inside playing Shogi together, play-wrestling, falling asleep on each other, all great.

Ayumu/Hozumi: They're pretty cute together, I think. Hozumi helping Ayumu with stride obstacles and tricks is good. Nothing much to add!

Tasuku/Reiji: Tasuku harboring unrequited feelings for Reiji is good. Maybe he never tells him, and just continues being ever-loyal, never letting it slip. Angst of course, although I'm okay with a more bittersweet ending.

Kyousuke/Heath/Ayumu/Hozumi: These four are great. I know one of my prompts on ao3 was basically a retelling of what happened in canon, I just really like how Hozumi disliked Kyousuke for what he thought happened the year before, and would love to see how that disrupts the relationship as a whole. Modelling is good, maybe a trip to the beach? Lazy day in the office, all flopped over each other?

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! More prompts for some of these pairs can be found on my [prompt lists], if you're interested! If you're interested in a prompt that's been filled, feel free to use it too! Different people tell different stories, make different art, after all. Also, if you're looking for background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

チア男子!! | Cheer Danshi!! | Cheer Boys!!

Relationships: Hasegawa Gen/Suzuki Souichirou, Nabeshima Takumi/Sakuma Ryuuzou, Bandou Haruki/Hashimoto Kazuma/Tokugawa Shou, Hashimoto Kazuma/Tokugawa Shou
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

Gen/Souichirou: Gen maybe has to work through his jealousy issues with Souichirou, but they care about each other a lot and I love that. Kinda surprised they're not more popular! But then again, this series isn't all that popular, haha.

Takumi/Sakuma: Another really rare pair! I haven't seen this anywhere else and I wonder if I'm the only one who likes them, haha. That scene where they were sitting down talking about older siblings was great, and these two could definitely bond more over that. They also contrast a lot in different ways, such as their roles on the team, their size difference, their appearances, Saku doing ballet and Takumi doing breakdancing, etc. They're interesting!

Haruki/Kazuma/Shou: Haru and Kazu are a given, haha. I like Kazu and Shou though, and the three of them forming a relationship together. Haru and Shou's friendship also means a lot to me, and if you go for these guys, I'd really appreciate that being a significant part of the work as well!

Kazuma/Shou: Captain and drill captain, it's interesting! I like how Kazu was so persistent in getting Shou to join their team in the beginning, and how Shou was obviously dealing with stuff and Kazu would try and be there for him. Could see them falling into something.

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! More prompts for some of these pairs can be found on my [prompt lists], if you're interested! Also, if you're looking for background relationships, check out my [ship list]!

X-Men Evolution

Relationships: Pietro Maximoff/Kurt Wagner (X-Men Evolution), Lance Alvers/Scott Summers (X-Men Evolution)
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction

Pietro/Kurt: Wow I love them lots. That scene in the show where Pietro snuck into the Institute and slipped the note under Kurt's door lends itself to so many other good ideas, it's great. They could probably wreak lots of havoc with the combination of their powers, haha. I love the idea of the rest of the Brotherhood teasing Pietro if they find out he's crushing on one of the X-Men, and Pietro calling Lance a hypocrite for it. Also! Them falling over each other during one of their teams' skirmishes, sitting there for a second as they take in what happened and getting a lil flustered. 'S good.

Lance/Scott: The only content I've seen for them is a Lance roleplay blog on tumblr having a tag on some post saying Lance has a crush on Scott. That's it, haha, and it was kind of surprising! I thought more people would be into their dynamic, but I guess not? I think I like the idea of Lance having this hate-thing for Scott and not knowing what to do about it, and Scott just kind of bewildered at his actions. I don't think Scott could genuinely hate Lance, because he's just a troubled guy who had dealt with some terrible stuff in the past and was swept up by the wrong person at the wrong time. Maybe he'd pity him, indulge him out of sympathy, which probably wouldn't sit well with Lance at all.

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! I don't have any extra prompts for this fandom, but if you're looking for background relationships, check out my [ship list]!


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