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Compiling my prompts from prompt memes! Currently only from the [community profile] sportsanime Shipping Olympics bonus rounds, but if I participate in other prompt meme events, those'll go here too. Now including other, non-sports-anime prompts!

Character A/Character B: romantic relationship
Character A & Character B: platonic relationship
Bullet points: Separate different prompts for the same relationship

Generally, I'm not looking for anything NSFW/sexual in terms of fills!

The Adventure Zone

Magic Brian/Taako: Black Magic Mountain

Cheer Danshi!!

Bandou Haruki & Tokugawa Shou: (Possibly also Haru/Kazu/Shou!) Café AU! Haru and Shou work full-time at a café and are best buds! Maybe they also both start crushing on one of their cute regulars (Kazu)?

Takumi Nabeshima/Ryuuzou Sakuma:
  • Fantasy AU! Sakuma as an actual dragon, who can shift from dragon and human form, with Takumi as a knight, maybe sent to slay him. Once he finds this totally fierce and ferocious beast is actually this small timid guy, he instead befriends him!

  • Caught up in a dream, in a technicolour beat

  • Swing me your bones
    Come settle down, settle down

  • Lay down your slow
    Come settle down, settle down

  • And I feel life for the very first time
    Love in my arms, and the sun in my eyes

  • Give me one drop, I can feel you
    Make me lose control
    We'll be walking, on the water
    When we're moving in a technicolour beat

  • Jump into the heat, spinning on our feet
    In a technicolour beat, you and me

  • Let loose your glow
    Come settle down, settle down

  • I feel safe in the 5am light
    You carry my fears as the heavens set fire

  • Warm, unalone
    Come settle down, settle down

Lyrics from Technicolour Beat by Oh Wonder.

Hasegawa Gen/Suzuki Souichirou: Servamp AU! Eve and subclass (Mahiru and Sakuya's position, basically)! Or maybe Eve and Servamp? Or allied Eves?

Dangan Ronpa

Sonosuke Izayoi/Seiko Kimura: Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel (and/or) A Butterfly Moment


Haruka Nanase/Rin Matsuoka:
  • Pokémon AU! Rin and Haru as rival trainers!

  • Floating like gravity has grown
    Reach down to a deep, deep hole, deep hole, deep, deep hole

  • Are you gonna be my love?
    Are you gonna be mine?

  • Standing on the world outside
    I’m a shark in a love landslide

  • Walking on the clouds unknown
    Drop down oh I will never go, never go, never go

  • I feel it falling from the skies above

  • Or are you my soul, my heart, pull everything apart?

  • Standing on the world outside
    Caught up in a love landslide

  • Are you gonna be mine?
    My wave, my shark, my demon in the dark
    The blue tide pulling me under

  • Stuck still, color blind
    Hoping for a black and white (FILLED)

Lyrics from Shark by Oh Wonder.

Momotarou Mikoshiba/Aiichirou Nitori: Runaways AU! Momo and Nitori on the run, finding home with each other.

Makoto Tachibana/Sousuke Yamazaki:

Prince of Stride

Amatsu Ida/Tomoe Yagami: College AU, or maybe a different sport!AU? Upperclassman Tomoe who Amatsu strives to impress, since Tomoe is the best of the best! Maybe Tomoe is amused and indulges him? Or maybe it's unrequited? O:

Kyousuke Kuga/Kaede Okumura: Hanahaki Disease AU! Kaede harboring unrequited feelings for Kyousuke. (FILLED [x])

Kyousuke Kuga/Tomoe Yagami: "The frog asks:
How do I know you won't stab me?
The scorpion replies:
Because my act is dead without you."
- Trust Me, The Devil's Carnival (2012)

Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • Sunrise…Bedtime!

  • First Dance (and/or) Swept off my Feet

  • Flip Flops & Crop Tops

  • Stars in my Eyes

  • By the Light of the Moon

  • From Here to Eternity

Lance/Shiro: The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush

Keith/Lotor: My Throne for a Cranberry Scone

Yuri!!! On Ice

Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola: Angel/Demon AU! (Bonus: set in the Good Omens universe ;D)

Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino:
  • Vampire AU! Maybe they're both vampires, or one is and the other's human.

  • Wide eyed, you look at me
    Set on fire in a silver dream
    Spin round you can feel the breeze
    Count one, two, three

  • Your name I'll never know
    As we get down in the world below
    Caught up in an overflow
    My hands, your bones

  • Make a spark, break the dark
    Find a light with me
    Who we are from the start
    Won't you dance with me?

  • And don't you stop the music, get into it
    Won't you dance with me?
    Find a space and lose it, you can do it
    Won't you dance with me?

  • Downtown we let it go
    Sunset high and our bodies low
    Blood rush in the hazy glow
    My hands, your bones

  • Make a spark, break the dark
    Find a light with me
    Who we are chasing stars
    Won't you dance with me?

  • We gotta lose it
    Lose it, lose it, lose it

  • Move your feet and feel it
    In the space between
    You gotta give yourself a moment
    Let your body be

  • Loose up we break the scene
    One step deep as you fall to me
    Heart clap, we skip a beat
    Count one, two, three

Lyrics from Lose It by Oh Wonder.

Some of these prompts are from active prompt memes/fests! If you'd like to claim/fulfill one for the fest (assuming you've found these outside the event), lemme know and I can direct you to it C:


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