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Heyo creator! Thank you for deciding to create something for me, whether you've been assigned to me, you're a pinch-hitter, or you're treating!

Whatever you create will be wonderful and I will love it lots!

Fluff, humor, rivals/enemies-to-lovers, enemies with mutual attraction to each other, platonic/queerplatonic relationships, non-sexual intimacy, polyamory, guy-girl friendships that stay platonic, AUs, hurt/comfort, masquerade/formal dances (especially with rival characters being forced to dance together/characters meeting at a masquerade)

(The only exceptions to any of these appearing in a work is if it's an important part of canon or if I've specifically requested it; otherwise I would rather do without!)

Anything sexual, physical/sexual abuse, alcoholism/getting drunk (especially if it's underage), any references to pregnancy/having kids, major character death, major angst/dark tones being the focus of the work, major/serious injury, character/ship hate

I don't have much to add to any of my requests, ahah. I have a prompt list compiling requests and prompts from previous exchanges. Feel free to take a look at those for ideas for the requested characters and relationships! Even if they've been filled previously, feel free to use them anyway, ahah. I also have a ship list; feel free to look through that for background relationships, if you'd like!

If I think of anything to add for any of my requests, I'll edit this with those additions! Look for an icon change, that'll signify I've edited it.


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