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Where I'm putting my claimed prompt tables from [community profile] whole_new_world and links to fills!

Fandom: X-Men Evolution

High School/College

001.Study Partners 002.Evil Roommate 003.Sleeping in Class
004.2am Pancakes 005.Cell Phone 006.Parttime Job
007.Extracurricular 008.Car Pool 009.Dance
010.Old and New 011.Hot Teacher 012.Cold / Flu / Allergies
013.Parents or Parental Figures 014.Stress 015.Future Dreams

Fandom: YouTube RPF
(focusing on Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, and Nathan Sharp)

Restaurant/Coffee Shop/Misc. Job

001.Traffic Delay 002.Fateful Encounter 003.Unhappy Customer
004.Bashful Approach 005.Old Time Feel 006.Admire From Afar
007.Never Look Back 008.Swamped 009.Bright Outlook
010.Saturday 011.Against All Odds 012.Wait and See
013.Crash 014.Where's My Money? 015.Alone Time


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