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Title: New Blood
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairings: Seung-Gil Lee/Jean-Jacques Leroy, Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino
Rating: G
Content Notes: light angst / hurt/comfort

The transformation is always toughest on those previously human. New outfits are rather successful at cheering them up, however!

Pencil sketch image of JJ and Seung-Gil, JJ sitting on the right on top of a box of some kind. It's probably a coffin, maybe. He's wearing a long torn-up coat and knee-high boots with lots of buckles on them, as well as has little wings floating off his back. Seung-Gil is sitting on the ground, on his knees, head buried in his arms on JJ's lap, JJ running his fingers through Seung-Gil's hair. JJ has a small fanged smirk on his face, which was supposed to be a look of concern, but you only get one shot at lines in pen and that's what happened. It fits his character though so it works out. JJ is trying to comfort a distressed Seung-Gil. I like it.

Pencil sketch image of Mila and Sara, Mila on the left hugging a distressed Sara whose head is buried in Mila's left shoulder. Mila has a concerned look on her face, complete with a little fanged frown and everything. Because I was successful with the pen this time! Mila also has little bat wings floating off her back. The left side of the piece is lighter, with the right side being dark. Mila was supposed to be leaning against a wall, but I don't think that translated too well. I struggled on this piece for like a week but thankfully it came out okay.

Pencil sketch image of the four of them, JJ, Seung-Gil, Sara, and Mila, one big happy vampire family! (The names are in order of their positions on the page, from left to right.) They're all wearing nice dark clothing, Mila and JJ both with small wings floating behind them. Seung-Gil and Sara both have guaze on their necks. Mila and JJ both have dark claw-like nails too. JJ has one arm on Seung-Gil's shoulder, Seung-Gil looking at him in pseudo-irritation, don't ask me what JJ's other arm is doing, it's behind him somewhere. Seung-Gil has his hands in his new jacket pockets, wearing a cross necklace and distressed pants. Mila is behind Sara, her hands on Sara's shoulders, Sara holding her arms behind her kind of shy-ish, like Mila is presenting her or something. Sara has a nice black dress on with dark leggings. She also has a black cross earring that's barely visible. The other three have small black earrings. They also all have visible fangs, and are a lil blushy. This is my favourite piece of the three.

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