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Hey creator! Thank you so much for deciding to create for me, whether you've been assigned to me, you're pinch-hitting, or you've decided to treat! I hope we matched on a game series you enjoy, and that you like creating for! :D

Whatever you create will be wonderful, and I will love it lots!

Fluff, humor, rivals/enemies-to-lovers, enemies with mutual attraction to each other, enemies forced to work together, sharp teeth, biting/bite marks and blood (both in moderation), physical fighting as a form of intimacy/way to let off steam, light angst/bittersweet works with happy endings, platonic/queerplatonic relationships, non-sexual intimacy, polyamory, guy-girl friendships that stay platonic, AUs, hurt/comfort, masquerade/formal dances (especially with rival characters being forced to dance together/characters meeting at a masquerade)

(The only exceptions to any of these appearing in a work is if it's an important part of canon or if I've specifically requested it; otherwise I would rather do without!)

Anything sexual, physical/sexual abuse, alcoholism/getting drunk (especially if it's underage), any references to pregnancy/having kids, major character death, major angst/dark tones being the focus of the work, major/serious injury, ooc slurs, character/ship hate, first person POV*

*exception to this is if it's your personal style of writing! Go for it, if that's the case! I just have a preference for second or third person, is all.

Now onto the games! Note that these are additional to my requests on ao3, and aren't stand-alone!

Dangan Ronpa (All Media Types)

Character(s): Souda Kazuichi (Dangan Ronpa)
Relationships: Souda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundam, Mioda Ibuki & Souda Kazuichi, Hinata Hajime & Mioda Ibuki & Souda Kazuichi, Hinata Hajime/Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko/Nanami Chiaki
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvid

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, playthroughs for the games can be found on YouTube, both with and without commentary! (There's also an anime continuation that acts as both a prequel and sequel to the second game, if that's something you're interested in!)

Kazuichi: Most of my requests involve Kazuichi and that is because he is my favorite and I love him lots and want him to be loved lots! I immediately loved his design when he was introduced, and I loved his character, and his past got me a lil bit! (I'm not too fond of his obsession with Sonia though, and would prefer that be minimal in any work with him.) Make him happy for me! I love fanart, any and all fanart of him is good, and if you're a fanartist, I would love something of him! Early morning routine? Dyeing his hair when it starts to fade? Eyeliner? Sewing up patches in his jumpsuit? Motion sickness? Just throwing out general ideas, for fic or art (and vid, if you can work with those, haha).
I love mep-style fanvids, with lots of images and movements and effects, especially those with the lyrics showing on screen! Something for Kazuichi, maybe something with lots of bright colors? I'm not entirely sure how to prompt for vids, ahh, this is the first exchange I've participated in that had vids as a medium!
Some songs that could work as inspiration for any medium:
Desperate Measures - Marianas Trench
Lonely Hearts Club - Marina and the Diamonds
Dog Days are Over - Florence + the Machine

Kazuichi/Gundam: I could talk about them forever, haha. I would highly encourage you to check out this letter, as I wrote a lot there with a bunch of links and stuff!
Hateships, enemies-to/as- lovers, all of that kind of stuff is my absolute favorite! Before I watched a playthrough for this game, I'd come across this fanmix on 8tracks, before it instituted all of the policies that limit listening time, and immediately I recognized the lyrics that it's titled after. That song totally gets across those hateship vibes I enjoy so much, and so when I got into the game I was looking out for the person who had beef with the guy in the big cloak, who also turned out to be my favorite character, and so I love this ship even more, haha.
Here are some prompts from that letter, links and things omitted (so go check it out, haha):
Something with Kazuichi trying to start a fight, but when Gundam rises to the occasion and is serious about it, he backs down because he is all bark and little bite, also Gundam is taller and stronger and has got weird magics and could take him out like that if he really wanted to. Being paired up to collect supplies in an Island Mode scenario is good. Maybe it gets late and something spooks Kazuichi and he jumps up on Gundam, and when it turns out to be nothing he gets all flustered, and Gundam teases him kind of in an irritated way and Kaz tries to give sputtered retorts.
Forced to work together and one getting hurt, causing the other to have to carry him?
Remember in the DR3 despair arc when Gundam was fighting the brainwashed reserve course students with Nekomaru, and Sonia was worried about their safety and Kazuichi was immediately like, 'don't worry, he's strong and can handle himself, he's fine!' and then was all, 'oh wait,, I'm not, supposed to say that' and was a lil embarrassed?
Yeah. Those kinds of scenarios are good.
Wouldn't mind Kazuichi biting Gundam with those sharp teeth of his, either intentionally or accidentally, haha.

Like I stated in that letter, I'd prefer Sonia not take too big a role in their conflict with each other!
I'm not looking for something outright fluffy, because that's not how they are, and I don't think even after they get together they'd be super fluffy and affectionate. Not that I'm looking for something angsty or abusive or anything! Something silly, lighthearted, maybe some mutual fights, that's all great! (Would that count as fluff? I dunno, ahh.)
For music, either as inspiration or for vids:
This Means War - Marianas Trench
Love Like War - All Time Low
Stray Italian Greyhound - Vienna Teng
Nicotine - Panic! at the Disco
Haven't Had Enough - Marianas Trench
I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace
Truth or Dare - Marianas Trench
The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty - Panic! at the Disco
Also, really anything from this fanmix, haha (made by me)!
...I know, I have so many songs for these two, especially in comparison to the others, just a lot of the music I listen to I can relate to them, ahh.

Ibuki & Kazuichi: My two faves! They're both so coloful and are a little out there and I love them so! I want them to be best friends! If you can work in them being QPPs, I'd be extra excited! Doing each other's hair, or Ibuki helping Kazuichi with his mess of hair, could be fun! Makeup stuffs together! Kazuichi sewing up tears or patching up holes in Ibuki's clothes? Ibuki trying to get Kazuichi to sing with her could be fun. Ibuki coaxing Kazuichi to go to a party or dance with her, dancing playfully with him, that could be fun! Playing games, maybe getting up to shenanigans, getting carried away? Sleepovers, talking about crushes, maybe, or coaxing confessions out of each other? (Soudam and Pekobuki are what I have in mind in that case.) Again, not too big on Sonia being much of a focus!
Some arts for inspiration: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]
And some songs:
Technicolour Beat - Oh Wonder
Hurricane - Panic! at the Disco
Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon
Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! at the Disco
Take It Off - Ke$ha
Strawberry Avalanche - Owl City
Some of these are more romantic-themed, but I'm still looking for friendship and platonic stuffs!

Hajime & Ibuki & Kazuichi: Platonic Soul Friends and Soudabuki are both good, so you can't go wrong with combining them, right? :D
I like how Hajime, while internally thinkg Kazuichi is weird, goes along with him anyway, and I went on about Ibuki and Kazuichi just above, haha. I'd love some explorations of Ibuki and Hajime's friendship as an important part of the work too, along with their friendships with Kazuichi! (If they're poly QPPs that'd be cool!!)
I could definitely see Hajime being the voice of reason among the three of them, reigning them in when he thinks maybe they're going too far and will get themselves in trouble. I could also see him basically going screw it and going along with their crazy shenanigans. Ibuki and Kazuichi giving Hajime lots of physical affection is great! Hajime and Ibuki giving Kazuichi lots of physical affection is also great, and ditto for Ibuki! Going to a carnival or amusement park, and Ibuki and Hajime comforting Kazuichi after they persuaded him into going on a small rollercoaster, thinking he might be able to handle it, but his motion sickness getting to him and them feeling a little bad about it, maybe instead choosing to win prizes at booths and eat overpriced sweets and greasy food? Attending a Japanese festival? Band AU could be super interesting! Doing each other's hair? Wardrobe shopping? Partygoing?
Look at this good art of the three of them!: [X]
That's the only one I've come across, unfortunately!
Some songs, other than the ones listed in the Ibuki & Kazuichi section above:
Lose It - Oh Wonder
Here's to the Zeroes - Marianas Trench
No Place Like Home - Marianas Trench
Alone Together - Fall Out Boy
Kids in the Dark - All Time Low
We R Who We R - Ke$ha

Hajime/Fuyuhiko/Chiaki: I really like Kuzunami, and I like Kuzuhina, so just as above, combining them creates an even better relationship, haha! :D
I have a little about Fuyuhiko/Chiaki in this letter, and a little about Fuyuhiko/Hajime in this letter, so feel free to look at those for ideas!
Preferring Fuyuhiko in the middle, with Hajime and Chiaki platonically involved, but all three together is cool too! Chiaki and Hajime getting Fuyuhiko all flustered is great, just general Fuyuhiko getting a little flushed and shown affection, and showing his own affection to Hajime and Chiaki in his own way is great! The three of them kind of falling into something and trying to figure it all out, feelings and everything, is good! Falling asleep together, on top of each other could be fun! I'd be interested in really anything you might want to do with them, as there's very little for either Fuyuhiko/Hajime or Fuyuhiko/Chiaki, let alone the three of them together!
Some songs maybe for inspiration:
The Kids Aren't Alright - Fall Out Boy
Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters and Men
We are the Kids - Walk the Moon
Livewire - Oh Wonder
Body Gold - Oh Wonder
Video Games - The Young Professionals
Armor - Landon Austin

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! More prompts for some of these relationships can be found on my prompt lists, if you're interested! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my ship list!

Ori and the Blind Forest

Character(s): Ori (OatBF)
Relationship: Naru & Ori
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanvid

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can find playthroughs on YouTube! (I would suggest Cryaotic's, he did a pretty good job of completing the game!)

Ori: I love art of Ori, I love art of the locations of Nibel, and I'd be more than happy for a fanvid of these things too! I love the music of the game, and I know the developers released samples of it on SoundCloud, I believe! The whole OST is beautiful, maybe it can serve to inspire? I don't have much to add to what I put on ao3! Ori going on adventures, maybe running from Kuro! Learning new skills, talking with Sein, Spirit Tree magics? Something cute would be cool too!

Naru & Ori: Fluffy, happy family shenanigans! Their finding of each other, becoming this family, it's just so warm and nice and I want more, haha! Cute cuddles, making food, gathering ingredients, just general mother-child bonding! Post-canon family stuffs, with Kuro's child (and possibly Gumo!) added to the family can be fun! Caring for the baby together? Big family cuddles? Something going through how Naru first found Ori and how she and Gumo helped them out through the story, and their acquiring of Kuro's last child?

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it!

Pocket Monsters | Pokémon (Main Video Game Series)

Relationships: Gladio | Gladion & Lillie (Pokemon), Gladio | Gladion/Hau (Pokemon), Guzma & Plumeria (Pokemon), Zoroark & Zorua (Pokemon)
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvid

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can probably find some playthroughs on YouTube! (I played the game myself, so I haven't looked for any, but I'm sure there are!) Reading through characters' Bulbapedia pages might help too!

Gladion & Lillie: I wasn't planning on nominating/requesting this pair, but as I was nominating, this pair struck me out of nowhere, like hey I'd really like to see some brother-sister bonding!
Pre-canon, during canon, or post-canon are all fine settings! Maybe a good-natured battle between Lunala/Solgaleo and Type: Null/Silvaly? With their dad gone to the Poké Pelago and their mom neglectful and caring more about otherworldly beings than her children, Lillie and Gladion finding comfort in each other as the only family they feel they have, being there for each other in ways their family isn't? How being separated, by Gladion joining Team Skull, by Lillie going to Kanto, affects them, their relationship? Do they miss each other?
For songs, I'm not entirely sure, but Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez comes to mind.

Gladion/Hau: Hau falling for Gladion first could be interesting! What does Hau see in Gladion? Is there something there he wants to protect, bring out, nurture? Gladion developing feelings for Hau that he has no idea what to do about is fun! Exploring the islands together, or maybe going off to visit other regions could be fun too. Aged up I think I'd prefer, to where they're around 15-16, at least! Periodic battles, showing how strong they've gotten, testing themselves against each other? Growing stronger and fonder of each other together!
Here are a couple of good arts: [X] | [X]
Some songs for inspiration, maybe:
True Love - P!nk
Haven't Had Enough - Marianas Trench
First Time He Kissed a Boy - Kadie Elder
Video Games - The Young Professionals

Guzma & Plumeria: I really enjoy Team Skull in general, how it's just a ragtag group of kids, with not really any super evil plans or anything. They're more guilty of petty crimes! I want to see Guzma's forming of the team, and his appointing of Plumeria to admin. Their caring for their team, taking in or recruiting members, giving kids on the street a place to stay. Bonding with their Pokémon! Scheming to push those two grunts by the pool together, or maybe officiating marriages between their members who ask them to. Something before they disbanded, or something where they didn't disband? Helping do each other's hair, helping their team members with their hair, helping new members with their wardrobe and hair?
Some good Team Skull and Guzma & Plumeria art: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]
Some songs for inspiration, maybe:
Hurricane - Panic! at the Disco
Trick or Treat - Ghost Town
Blow - Ke$ha
Dog Days are Over - Florence + the Machine

Zoroark & Zorua: My faves! Give me some cute family shenanigans! I feel like the Zoroark and Zorua from Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions could work well for inspiration! I feel like scenes from that could work well for a fanvid too, but that is a movie canon and not a game canon, so I'm not sure if it'd work for this exchange. There is a Zoroark in Black/White 2 though, maybe you could do something with that? Zorua taking the form of a silent child, as described in its Pokédex entry, could be interesting! I'd be super interested in a family of Zoroark and Zorua that disguise themselves as people and blend into society!
Some art: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my ship list!

Undertale (Video Game)

Character(s): Napstablook (Undertale)
Relationship: Mettaton & Napstablook (Undertale)
Fanwork Type: Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvid

If this isn't a fandom we matched on, but you're interested in it, you can find playthroughs of it on YouTube! I watched Cryaotic, the Game Grumps, and Jacksepticeye play it, although I think Cry's uncovered something at the end that the others didn't.

They/them for Napstablook, please!

Napstablook: Make this ghosty happy! Making friends with the other monsters, with Frisk! Sharing their music with everyone, watching Mettaton's show with everyone, maybe cracking a smile or laughing at Sans' dumb jokes? Hugs? Meeting up with family, in their corporeal bodies? Napstablook choosing to stay non-corporeal, and their reasoning? As happy as they can be, surrounded by people who love and support them, who are there for them!

Mettaton & Napstablook: That scene in the fight with Mettaton where he declares it to be his last episode, and Blooky's call in saying how his show was their favorite, and Mettaton crying out for them as they hung up, gahh that's so heartbreaking, just a little bit. I want to see more of their relationship! Maybe they live together in the world above, Mettaton inviting them to all his shows, doesn't want them to miss out? Quiet nights, laying together, talking or not, maybe listening to music? If you're so inclined, I'd be interested in what you'd do with this taking a more romantic turn, if you're interested in creating for it. Obviously you don't have to, as it's not what I requested, but just a thought!
Some art, for inspiration: [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X] | [X]
For songs, some of the game music would work! Maybe Where Butterflies Never Die by Broken Iris?

All the prompts on ao3 and here are just ideas, suggestions; if you want to do something different, totally go for it! Also, if you're looking for other background relationships, check out my ship list!

And that's it for this letter! Have fun, and happy creating! :D
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